About us


We offer our services in the filed of Finance, Accounts, Legal Compliances and human Resources. Our services includes accounting services to tax consulting, statutory compliances, company law matters, registrations of various entities, registration of patents & trademarks, licensing, project finance, liasoning, labour law compliances, personnel compliances and so on. We are also in Business Process Outsourcing, Knowledge Process Outsourcing, etc..


We measure our success by the satisfaction we provide to our clients by delivering the best and quality services.
We stick to deliver our services by means of ethical practices and timely delivery with an assured best quallity service.
We want to cut down the comminication gap with our client and them immediately to cater their needs.



Well-equipped office with a highly computerised environment is where we intend to work. We have got a computerised environment with a modernised office which aims at paperless working and providing all your data at your fingertips at point of time. And also securing your records in such a way so as to safeguard the integrity of our clients by keeping it confidential and making it available to the authorised person only.

To make this possible we provide secured login portal to our clients to view and extract their required data and records.

We keep our clients updated with the changing business environment through emails, regular website updations, short messaging services and other means.

With an advanced growth in mobile technologies, we have come up with a software also to keep our cients updated with the go.

Be updated with us by downloading our mobile application by clicking on the below link.