Accounting and Other Services

We provide a full Book Keeping service either by outsourcing it or through our online Accounting Software. Our Online Accounting Software enables you to record Purchase, Sales, Expenses, Payments, Receipts, Salary, Tax, etc with just one click. It also enables you to print Sales Invoice, Purchase Orders, Expense Voucher, and Other Accounting Vouchers. Our Accounting Software is industry based and enables the Business Owner to create users for his Business. This software not only record transactions but helps the Business to concentrate on their core Business Activity as the software automatically creates various kinds of Reports such as Debtors & Creditors Statement, Tax Statements, Salary Statement, and lots more. Also, the Software automatically adopts the chaange in Rates of Taxes and Other Provisons of the Law related to the Accounting & Book Keeping of the Business. Above all, the entries made in the software is regularly reviewed and audited by Our Professionals, hence reducing the chances of mistakes which might occur during the course of Book Keeping. This is not just a software but a Smart Artificial Assistant, which let you make entries as per the Income Tax Act, Service Tax Act, Value Added Tax, Professional Tax, Employee State Insurance Corporation Act, etc. and keeps you notified about the Payment of Taxes and Filing of various Returns and let you know if any Registration under any Act is required for your Business. Besides all these, Our Professionals are always available to help you and assist you in Book Keeping.